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As I've stated before, I'm a high school junior who's been using Heelys for about 5 or 6 years, on and off. I've owned three pairs, although the only type name I can recall currently is my current model, the Fleet shoe. I've been skating around pretty much everywhere, it's something that really comes in handy (especially at school and shopping centers). In terms of tricks, I can pull off a 180 very well, although I've had three seperate instances of a 360. I can jump off reasonably high surfaces and land in Heely position, and I can switch feet (very poorly though). I also like to do the "glide" move, where I only put one foot on the ground (front) and I put it back to its heel while rolling, it looks pretty neat.

In terms of future plans, I'm going to sometime turn in my application for Team Heelys, and my Octanes and Big Deuce wheels should be arriving shortly. I wish Zappos sold bigger Torches, though...

Anyone else have stories and experiences they'd like to share?
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i'm a highschool senior and i just started heeling. everyone looks at me really weird i can't do many tricks i'm trying the 180 and i can jump but what dumb person in the right mind couldn't jump? well yeah. i'm getting alotof people into so they will stop making fun of me.. welll i don't know what else to say i would like to go heeling with other people but yeah no one is around but hey y g/f is into it so its hott.. yeah.. i think these shoes are coming to be a very convenient thing in day to day life the only time i haven't worn them since i have gotten them is soccer practice and games for obvious reason the only typ eof heely i have are the reflexes they are decent but i wish i had gotten the torches but noone even suspects my shoes to be heelys because they look almost identical to nike shox so yeah its kool.. well yeah i think i'm gonna get some of those torches or the next best ones with a grind plate and some mega or big deuces. well.. i'll ttyl
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I bought my first Heelys way back when there were only three styles to choose from. No grindplates or mega wheels back then. My friend got Heelys before me, so I would always steal his and heel off down the street with him chasing me in his socks. Gooood times. I am pretty good with them, I can do Crabwalk/Pipeline easily, as well as 360s, 180s etc. I have been training my weaker foot alot this past year, so I can heel with either foot leading no problem. I havent been heeling too much lately because I desperatly need some new big deuces, because the ones I have now are pretty much dead. I am just having problems finding a website that sells big deuces for a reasonable price. I bought the ones I have now for 25$, so I refuse to pay more than that for another pair. Good shoes, Heelys. I am thinking I might buy a new pair come springtime, seeing as I have had to sew up some tears that have appeared in my current Heelys.

Roll, roll, everybody roll! HEELYS!
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