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Question did Heelys make multiple versions of Megawheels?

So I bought some size 8 Torches and I have to say that these were in great and Mint/Barely used condition. They have what seems to be the modern Heelys logo (Or maybe it's not.) with the diagonal text with yellow nameless bearings shown below.

Then I order these Megawheels that were on some Revolutions shoes size 7 and it was a good deal as it is but I didn't want the shoes because one they weren't a model with grinding plates and 2 they were not my shoe size so I asked if I bought these if she could just throw out the shoes and send me the Megawheels only to save on shipping. (The lady had no idea what a Megawheel was and that's probably why I got a good deal on these shoes.) She agreed to that and then got the wheels.

I then noticed that the logo looks different, it wasn't diagonal and looked like a older logo (Or it could be the other way around.) and the bearings were black and said abec 7s on them. As far as the actual wheel and design it seems to be the same structural design which I have included photos below.

So besides the logo and the bearings are there any differences?

Which bearings are more durable or faster or are they exactly the same?

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The second set (horizontal graphics) was from a older design. The first set (slanted graphics) was from a newer batch.

The older stock was more durable. Both are ok for street if you’re under 100lbs. But they both broke when riding vert. Pumping was too much even for a 80lbs rider.

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