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PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:18 pm  Reply with quote

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So, i have fats. I can only use them properly in stores and i still dont get very far. Everytime i use them on the sidewalk, i can only go over really small thin lines(the thing that seperates the slabs) and usually thats only 2 in 20 :/ ... I also have to say, i had spinners. My mom got them for me for christmas on year because she couldnt afford heelys and i was like 9 and i grew into them a year later, and they were actually awesome. I was fine for walking, they didnt make any more noise then my fats do and suprisingly, i could actually go over every single bump, and turn! so ive heard that megas are much better but im not sure when or if i can get them... the only place i managed to find heelys in my area is one of the hip hop sk8 shops, you know, the one with the area code infront such as (502 hip hop sk8 shop) or (728 hip hop sk8 shop) ? and they said they were on sale but they were 110 dollars :O . i didnt get to pick which pair i wanted though they had a room full of heelys, dedicated to heelys. he just gave me a pair and i stuck with it not wanting to sound ungreatful to my dad... im fearing the price of megas, are they just wheels that i can buy to go inside my fats shoes or do i have to get seperate shoes? how much would they cost do you think if the fats were 110? do you think my dad would say yes since i only just got my fats on the 18th or 19th? i would like to know, since it would be nice to heel around on the sidewalk instead of the street where i could get hit by cars Razz thanks!
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:38 am  Reply with quote

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Ok so since nobodys answering because the heelychat community is slowly dieng (BOOHOO Just when i join Sad i was hoping for a heelychat gathering 2011 but i doubt thats happening) I decided to get some megas. i have foudn out they are seperate shoes so that the wheels fit, and the shoes im getting are pro series 9201 with the abec 7 bearing 608 and pro series mega wheels. so yeah now ill be able to go on the sidewalk and stuff and be asble to go way farther without slowing, since ive heard alot of you guys say that the mega wheel is as big as a skateboard wheel :O . i am getting them from the heelys website so it might be awhiel since my dad is still thinking about it since i only just got my other heelys, but if i hadnt explained to him the difference between cruddy no grind plate gets stuck in every crevice non verting very well abec 1 slow always wearing down the back brake FATS and awesome grind plate goes over every crevice like a boss verting epicly abec 7 fast maybe never wearing down the back brake MEGAS, HE would not have even thought about it. That, and the fact that when i got my heelys for 110 dollars here where i live, i found the same pair on the heelys site for 95 dollars(calculated shipping and stuff cuz the original price on display was 84.99 dollars) So we kind of got ripped off. maybe just because of the shipping wait time but i have my fats in the mean time,. they give good exercise because you cant just push off once and be lazy for like a good 2 or 3 blocks Very Happy so there actually good for exercise, which me being 13 and 120 pounds(not afraid to admit it) needs. So we would be getting the pro series, WAY WAY WAY better than my fats heelys for 10 dollars cheeper even with shipping then my fats heelys but i would have to wait. So yeah, i cant wait to get them! i hope i do get them! you all seem so nice in this communitgy, slicer, emma, hailey, seth, merry, merlyn, sorry if i forgot you thats all i can remember! your all so awesome at heelying and nice so please dont let the community of heelychat die! HEELYS FOREVER <3
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:28 pm  Reply with quote

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Just keep looking at online stores and googling for the Mega models you like.

Unless you're a big size (like US10 or above) you should be able to find some cheap mega's sooner or later.



Hope that helps. Wink


"The best part of falling is getting back up again"
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