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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:46 am  Reply with quote

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I need help and courage to drop in. Any tips let me know!!
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:30 am  Reply with quote

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1) Have the right kit: Use Mega Wheels if possible, or at least the largest FATs. And have a helmet and pads. . . if you fall without them you won't fancy doing it again and that's a shame because it's great fun, whilst if you fall with full pads you usually just laugh it off. If you worry about landing on your back you can wear a back protector (from motorcycle gear shops) or just wear a rucksack and stuff it full of pillows.

2) Find a suitable location, not all skate-parks will do: Check the edges of the ramp to make sure your Heelys can roll over the cracks or edges between the boards or the edges of the ramps/concrete etc. Some parks aren't well-made with beginner heeling in mind and have sharp edges that will trip you almost every time, whilst others make it very easy to drop in. Also the amount of curve on the ramp makes it more difficult on some: if you fail it might not be because you did something wrong, but because the ramp wasn't suited to Heelys drop-ins. Small drops on gradual curves are best for beginners.

3) Build up to it: If you haven't already, get good on the flat first, so that (for example) if you are heeling full speed (like sprint speed) and someone walks into your path, you have the skill to avoid them without bailing. . . on the average skate park this skill comes in useful, as people often don't look where they're walking and the speed you'll get from vert can be a lot greater than on the flat.

Then start small and work your way up: first get used to building speed on gradual ramps, either the gently curved or flat type, slowing building up to the full on "curved" drop-ins that you get on half-pipes.

If you're nervous, you could start on the curve of the drop in at first near the bottom, not at the very top. . . and work your way up by walking backwards and letting yourself roll down a little further each time. But remember to lean forwards a little (keeping your body at 90 degrees to the ramp) as you drop or your legs will go faster than your head and you'll fall back. When I was starting I found filling forwards was usually preferable to backwards since it's easier to catch yourself on your hand/wrist pads and you're less likely to crack your head on the coping/concrete.

I helped a relative to drop-in who was 8 and at first very afraid, so I understand how even a 4 foot drop can seem big when you're hardly that tall yourself, like I say, if you're nervous you don't have to start with a full-on drop in.

One trick we used is that I stood beside the ramp and I held her hand for the first ones until she got the leg position, body angle and confidence needed. . . and I ran with her as she gained speed on the drop and slowed on the flat. . . then we gradually decreased the support: holding only 3 fingers, then 2, then 1, and eventually just with me nearby for moral support, and now she drops in more fluidly than I do.

One other thing: most things are easier without having to worry about what people will think of you if you fail: so try not to do it with a crowd of strangers around: you're more likely to be more embarrassed if you fall or worse: over confident and hurt yourself etc. I find it helps me if I can learn first with only a supportive friend or two nearby, instead of a load of idiots who don't realise how hard these things can be, and then later when you can do it without thinking you show people what you can do in public.

Good luck, and if there's anything else just let me know Smile

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:41 pm  Reply with quote

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If you want to drop-in, the most important thing to remember is to commit. If you don't, you WILL fall. When you're about to drop-in, try your best to get your heelys to hit the ramp just as if you were heelying on a level surface. If you lean back to much, you have a chance of the brake hitting the ramp. But remember! Start on a small ramp. about a three foot one is good. don't try a bigger one the first time, work you're way up.

I don't know if that helped at all or just made it worse. lol Very Happy


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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:52 pm  Reply with quote

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and where d30 ful pads

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:01 am  Reply with quote
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Good n00b trick for dropping in:

1. Find a small ramp (around 3 - 4 ft).
2. Lower your front foot as much as possible.
3. Drop in and lean forward a bit..
4. BEND YOUR KNEES A BIT to stay on your wheels.
5. Repeat until you're 100% comfortable and NOT GIMPING at all.
6. Find yourself a slightly larger ramp. Repeat from step 2.

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