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So M&M has a Dark M&M Promotion every Halloween. It is a game that is a click and spot, and its the same thing every year.

Anyways, I love the game and everything it has to offer. I usually forget some of the answers, but I have beaten the game with a score of 3:24 seconds (my fastest time).

Anyways, the object of the game is to click on a part of the picture (i.e. the flock of birds) and then it will ask you to put the name of a Horror Movie (though some of the movies aren't really too horrific). So if you click on th flock of birds, put the name of the horror movie it would be like (birds should give you a pretty good hint). Then press enter and it will pop up either Red or Green. If it is Red you missed it. If it is green, then you got it. You'll notice that the color of the image will change to a darker shade.

There are 50 titles in all, and at the bottom of this post I posted the location and a hint for all 50 of the names (don't cheat, do it only if you have to... Remember, Christmas is around the corner and if you cheat Santa will poop in your stocking).

Anyways, the game is here and this is my high score (post it after you finish a game)

Anyways, have fun...

********** HINT GUIDE ************


Don't cheat. I will get angry... You won't like it when I am angry... HULK SMASH

1. Flock of Birds:
Pretty self-explanatory

2. Grim Reaper in the Fence:
Is that a “zone” for Death?

3. Dude in the tree:
You’re stealin’ me lucky charms!

4. Thing next to the dude in the tree:
Used to cut down tree

5. Creature in the bottom left corner:
It looks like its coming from a “black” lake

6. Bug in the Glass:
Would you like a glass of “juice”

7. Red M&M guy juggling the pennies:
Count the pennies and it will make “sense”

8. Monkeys:
Count how many there are

9. The house:
A bunch of house make a small…

10. The floating eyes:
What’s that on the “hill”?

11. Burning House:
Kind of looks like “wax”…

12. Mountains at the Top:
They sort of look like “twins”

13. Man walking by the stairs:
Is that a “pumpkin” for a “head”?!?

14. Flock of Lambs:

15. Open knife:
Another name for the sharp side of the knife

16. Kids dancing:
How can they “play” in a scene like this?

17. Lady with the bucket:
The “water” looks kind of “dark” doesn’t it?

18. Mother with kids:
Say “Mommy” how an Englishman would say it

19. Staircase:
Count the “steps”

20. Green M&M:
What color is that “velvet” jacket?

21. The bone to the left of the stairs:
What kind of bone is that?

22. Two guys on the Stairs:
What’s these guys problem with each other?

23. Group of Roadsigns:
Hmmm… Could this be a “sign”?

24. Planets crashing:
Could this be a “war”?

25. Man in the Window:
It looks like the “Rear” of the house

26. Corn:
Looks bigger then “children”

27. Pumpkins by Stairs:
October 31st

28. Texas Cloth:
Looks like it was hit with a “Chainsaw”

29. Boys with a Map:
Do you think they’re “lost”?

30. Man with a lamp:
That lamp sure “shines”

31. The guy in the straightjacket:
He looks kind of crazy

32. Orange with the Clock Face:
You’re moving through this like “clockwork”

33. Floating hands and scarf:
Looks like he may be “invisible”

34. Giant Baby:
Is that an herb?

35. Blue M&M:
Wait, that’s not a hula hoop…

36. Bunch of guys holding “O”:
What would those men be called?

37. The Bed:
Looks that guy is having a “Nightmare”

38. Burning Numbers in the Field:
Man, “Friday” already?

39. Giant Fly:
Pretty Self-Explanatory

40. Bird in the top right corner:
What kind of bird is that?

41. Guy in the tower:
It looks like another race from outer space

42. Number Seven:
It’s a sin if you miss this one

43. Flock of “Butterflies”:
It seems to have an odd “effect” on me

44. Wolves:
What are they doing?

45. Dude covering his ears:

46. Big Fish:
Yeah, it will eat your flesh

47. Candy Cane
It looks like a dude…

48. Man with a bucket for a head:
Is that a “Wicker” basket?

49. Cave:
Man, its so “black” in here

50. Pencil:
What is on his “head”

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