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So basically, I've been AFK for a while doing my other jobs (with Christmas, and then the New Year, my music is TAKING OFF as well as my real job has been taking up a lot of time) so I haven't had a lot of time to update you guys on the semi-amazing news.

I have hunting the net for a few months now, just looking EVERYWHERE for some size 12 Heelys (I gave up after I lost the torches on eBay). I was so desperate (because the ones I have now have holes in them and they just need to retire ASAP) that I wasn't being picky on any specific model.

As I was riding around, I saw a dude from my local Journeys who is my primary shoe dealer. After talking for a minute, he told me that they wouldn't be receiving any new models til about Spring, but to try Finish Line. I told him that I have tried and I was looking at a specific shoe from them, but they only had a size 10.

Well, just for giggles, I took my heeling to the opposing side of the mall where the Finish Line decides to stay (and ironically, it is at the end of the mall... get it... finish line... ah, nvmd lol) and decided to peep out the new shoes they had.

Of course I droolled over the Fury's for a minute (graffitti graphics, black suede and leather, with a mega wheel in the sole... also comes in pink) then decided to just check out what other models. Like every store, I was asked if I needed any help, and like Oliver Twist, I just looked at the rep with a sad face, asking fruitlessly if they had any size 12 Heely's, or even if they could order them.

She said that she had one pair left...

One... Pair... at the store?!? I was shocked... Scared... Did this lady realize she was holding my Holy Grail? That she better not come out with a pair of shoes in my size due to the fact that my emotions would rage out of control and I would most likely bum rush the poor woman...

All in all, she did emerge from the "back-door-of-bad-news-for-large-footed-people" with a pair of Escapes in size 12. I was pretty stoked, at least they were megas, and Hell, they weren't that bad looking...

As I was pulling out my debit card, the owner of the franchise came up to the counter. Looking at me softly, he said that he would see me come in, stand here for a minute, then leave, sad faced... dishearten... I explained to him my predictament, confessing my weird obsession with heeling, all the crap that not only me, but you guys have well as seen, and about my personal journey of rejection trying to find a pair of shoes (I make it out to be more then what it is, I know its the holiday season, but humor me, I'm bored).

After spilling my guts for about 30 minutes, which was enough time to have a small audience of two toddlers, a chick I went to school with, and the other bored associates, the owner asked me if I could do anything on them. I explained to him what I can do, and what I'm working on, and he asked if he could see a little demo on the side of the store. I said sure, seeing that I was bored as heck with all my friends getting prepared for the New Year. I pulled about a 15 foot legnth footy, did a switch, and then did my weird variation of a crabwalk. For the giggles aspect, I even attempted the 180 foot slide thing... which I failed, but it still looked coo... ah, no it didn't I ain't fooling anyone (Thanks Wishmaster for the trick ^_^). There are these tile curb thing that line the mall that are INSANE for doing grinds, and I showed them a front side, backside, UFO, and a halfway decent footy grind.

About 15, 20 minutes of tricking before I said that I had to go and he said if I wanted to come in for a minute. I looked at him; sure, why not... Its not like he's going to give me any candy... I hope... >.> He told me that he has wanted to learn how to heel for a while and I smiled, saying that I could teach him the basics, and there is a great heeling support group called HeelyChat.com. He said to give him a minute and he went to his back office thing, emerging after a few moments, to then return to the counter. I followed, going to give my regards, and he said that my total was going to be 45 dollars. Double you tee eff, the Escapes were like 30 bucks (50% sale on all last year models). He laughed and looked at me, saying he was going to buy the Escapes. I was pissed... Confused... There was going to be a massacre at that mall if I didn't leave with a pair of freaking shoes.

He saw my look, and probably the tears that were starting to well in my eyes, and he gave me a small chuckle. In his back office, he looked on his computer and searched for a pair of Furys in my size, and there happened to be a pair at another store (he told me but I was freakin out at this time... People shouldn't play with my emotions like this, I really could have hurt someone... or at least just heeled off in sorrow lol). He gave me his discount which per him was cost (what the store buys the shoes at) and that they were being delivered to my house, which I would receive in 3 - 10 days. I just scored not only a saucey pair of shoes, but I got them for $25 bucks less!!!

After shaking the hands of everyone there, the guy said that I had to teach him the basics of rolling around and of course, I did, and by a few minutes he was rolling around like one of us. He said he would check out the site, and wished me the best of luck with my knee, my career, but most importantly, my heeling.

So basically, I didn't achieve my main goal of buying Torches, nor did I achieve my secondary goal of just having the satisfaction of the fresh, new shoe smell before the bank knew I bought them, but I did get a pair of shoes with the Mega wheel, that look damn clean, and for a good price off. Thanks for reading (if you got this far) and now with my knee out of the brace, I can start skating a little bit more and more, and pretty soon, look out for a new video.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:20 am  Reply with quote

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wow thats amazing! and i did read it all. Its awsome that you found ur size 12's, but its also awsome you got to show some skills and get people involved. Very Happy Hope the guy enjoys heeling. and i hope to see im on here soon!

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[Sat 17:51] HeelyTrickster:Laina that sounded like a poem

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Tue 0:43] merlyn_DHC:Kill time??
[Tue 0:43] merlyn_DHC:Isn't wasting time bad enough?
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[Thu 14:50] Big Mac: they kept hurting me though
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laina: ugh! my kitchen is getting done and theres like no food so guess what lunch is if my mom dont give me money......PENUT BUTT
laina: oops! lol
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:57 am  Reply with quote
Museum Curator

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Wow. Maverick, I have to bow to you here. I've written about my Escape from New York escapades (after dropping Seth and his mom off at the airport in NYC), and other, similar stuff, but I don't think any real-life adventure I've written compares to Maverick's Quest for Heelys.

We're getting on 2020 and there's still no source of Large Megas?
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:58 am  Reply with quote

you found 2 size 12's
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:02 pm  Reply with quote
Team Heelys Midwest / HT Vid Champion

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haha cool story..i wouldve been mad if he bought the escapes and there were no furys...i have a pair of sz 10 furys that dont fit so ive been looking for 11's but havent found any yet.


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[Wed 19:35] jmar8542: i want to challenge you
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[Tue 14:30] toby: im drummers brother

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:30 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 04 Dec 2007
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Location: Colorado Springs, CO

heh, I've been thinking about writing a short book on my adventures with heeling, lol

@Drummer - Check up at a Finish Line, cause the dude said that they can order from other stores, versus just online inventory, so your chances increase. Same thing with Journeys, thats how I got my Rails, got them ordered from Kansas City lol

@Jive - Yeah, I was looking everywhere and when I decided to just prepare for failure, BOOM, 2 pairs stared me right in the face

@Slicer - Lol, I just love to compose. Mostly I do music, but when I get writting, sometimes I can tend to go WAAAAY too long. And are the escapades on HC, cause I'd love to read them. When I'm here at work, things tend to get boring, and to help prevent people acusing me of spamming, I just try to read everything

@Laina - Yeah, I'm hoping to see him jump on here, or at least contact me more often for heeling lessons. If he can get me his discounts all the time... o.O lol, I'd probably be his best friend
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 7:25 pm  Reply with quote
Heelys Encyclopedia

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furys are the smex i got em after my hurricanes had a defected wheel problem. (i opened the wheels after returning from orlando, and the wheels slipped right off the core i was like O.o cause that hadnt happened to me since my clutches. hell i highly doubt its happened to anyone else with brand new wheels and i felt kind of good that it happened twice to me xD)

we went to return them and they couldnt find anymore sz 8 or sz 9 hurricanes in the store so they told me to choose another model i chose furys but they are a bit more expensive so they told us wed have to pay the difference.

i could care less so i got em.

they are SOOOOOOOO comfy, and the brakes are put up pretty hgih so you can lift your toe up without dragging.

id suggest you get an extra pair of megas though, the wheels are collectable, thats what i did, put in a new pair of megas and left the collectables in my heelys drawer.


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