[Tue 5:09] Milkyb: well I already did wheel well surgery it works fine but I can't balance well on the megas on my own as I use them when I go grocery shopping
[Tue 5:10] Milkyb: and need I say I'm using small megas and I had to do surgery as they would not roll at all
[Tue 5:10] Milkyb: I'm using the fucking rails here that only use fats
[Tue 5:11] Milkyb: and I still wonder if new heelys wheels can still fit older fats models
[Mon 14:19] Slicer: okay, the spam is getting old
[Mon 14:19] Slicer: implemented a new method of anti-spam
[Tue 7:16] Milkyb: anti spam?
[Tue 7:17] Milkyb: I'm doing a sole swap on a pair of rollerblade brand grind shoes
[Tue 22:20] Slicer: Yeah something to keep the spammers from making accounts
[Tue 22:21] Slicer: How are you doing a sole swap?
[Wed 18:32] Milkyb: I'm gonna use the soles from the puma gv plus and put them on the RBs as the soles that were originally on the rbs considering that the shoe is as old as me as they came out in 98 and the soles on the pumas are extremely similar to them
[Wed 18:33] Milkyb: the soles on many soaps and grind shoes and some heelys models are crumbling like they age like shit
[Mon 17:59] Slicer: I've had an old pair of Evos rip wide open on the sole, but my others have survived very well