[Sun 21:21] Milkyb: But for soap shoes they have to have forced scarcity like supreme and I would love to help out in that join melborne soapers on FB most of the soapers are in there still trying to keep these dead shoes alive
[Sun 21:23] Milkyb: But in order to stop the heelys battles we gotta keep our sports separate and treat soap as it's own company with replaceable grind plates and full creative control no outside sources unless it's for contest reasons
[Sun 21:24] Milkyb: Heelys killed soap as a company with the express and nitros and they all looked the same heelys is going to suffer the same fate sooner or later
[Sun 21:26] Milkyb: If I was to run soap I gotta make it have a adult image and treat it like a skate company
[Sun 21:29] Milkyb: By releasing CKY style vids and allowing parkour in it to give it more flair
[Sun 21:33] Milkyb: Because kids like that shit
[Sun 21:33] Milkyb: And having that bad boy image that pisses off parents
[Mon 0:56] Milkyb: I modded my rails to accommodate small megas by sanding down the wheel well
[Mon 1:38] Milkyb: Wish that would be with heelys but now they are more likely going to be a nostalgia brand soon if they manage to stay profitable by sequentials standards
[Mon 1:39] Milkyb: The licensed kiddy shoes are also what's keeping them as a children's brand like with their Disney ones
[Mon 1:41] Milkyb: I just want sonic licensed scorchers and broadsides that look like shadows at least those have more of a general audience
[Mon 1:41] Milkyb: Maybe not for kids per say but for manchildren like me
[Mon 1:43] Milkyb: But also make them stylish to wear out anywhere like in nike styles or steal older AND1 designs as they are owned by SBG
[Mon 18:10] Milkyb: Another reason to rerelease goas
[Mon 20:06] EmmaHeelz: Evidently this SB doesn't auto refresh.... I swear it used to auto refresh lol....
[Mon 20:08] EmmaHeelz: As stated before, I'm a brand rep, I don't call the shots. And Heelys would never make models without wheels... that would go against their whole brand. Just take the wheels out if you don't like them? Idk, just my $0.02 but you typed a novel lol and I didn't read it
[Mon 21:26] Milkyb: Heelys did make shoes without the wheels it's called axis skate shoes
[Mon 21:27] Milkyb: Before they got bought out by SBG
[Mon 21:28] Milkyb: Do u even realize that heelys bought the patent then made soap shoes and grind heelys
[Mon 21:30] Milkyb: I didn't say u called the shots it's a company called Sequential Brands Group who does
[Mon 21:31] Milkyb: They just happen to own so many appreral brands like And 1 and heelys and Jessica simpson
[Tue 10:20] EmmaHeelz: Yes, idk who "SBG is" but what axis skate shoes were but I did know Heelys bought Soap when Soap was going bankrupt.
[Tue 10:21] EmmaHeelz: (Deleted by EmmaHeelz)
[Tue 10:23] EmmaHeelz: Lol I guess you know more history than I do, just looked up SBG... I thought Heelys was its own entity under Heeling Sports Limited.
[Thu 20:59] Milkyb: Well that's why I'm going to be going to their offices this may to protest to bring soap shoes back as a hypebeast brand
[Thu 21:00] Milkyb: Like supreme and keep it as adult as possible and treat them as a way to impress others
[Thu 21:01] Milkyb: And allow the public to pick which shoes should be released
[Sat 3:20] Milkyb: And SBG to many investors portfolios is a low risk investment
[Sat 3:22] Milkyb: SBG bought heelys out was because their stocks plummeted after they lost their popularity and not meeting the demands of sponsored heelyers and soapers
[Sat 3:23] Milkyb: So it's fair game to come to the SBG offices on May 17th thus year at 1 or 2 pm in NYC to fight to bring back grind plates and make this a stealth sport again
[Sat 3:24] Milkyb: And I will film whatever grinds pulled on their scaffolding to make a new soap shoes film
[Sat 3:26] Milkyb: Soap shoes cost more than heelys and there's enough demand to make them profitable they just needed a change in image instead of kids riding them
[Sat 3:27] Milkyb: So its best to Wear whatever grind shoes u have soaps heelys salomon RB its a free for all
[Mon 9:33] EmmaHeelz: Yeah I was surprised... I swear Heelys used to cost a lot more but maybe that was because of relativity... I was only in 5th grade or so... so maybe it just seemed that way since $60 back then would have taken forever to save up for.
[Mon 19:03] Milkyb: Soaps costed around the 100+ range 10 bucks for plates and now soaps still are 100+ no matter how fucked up they look for big sizes small sizes if your lucky u can get em for 70 or 80 bucks
[Mon 19:04] Milkyb: The express used to be 50 dollars now they go into the 100 dollar range scorchers are 3 or 400 now
[Tue 1:37] Milkyb: The heelys hybrids if u can find em are now 20 to 30 bucks sometimes u can get them as low as 10
[Tue 1:39] Milkyb: I'm looking for a pair of reflexes in 10 because they are pretty much nike shox in heelys form same with rumbles which resemble timbs
[Thu 22:43] Milkyb: 176 for a pair of express in my size for soaps
[Thu 22:43] Milkyb: wish I had the money even tho I have the septums
[Fri 13:20] EmmaHeelz: Huh, idk what to tell you bro. We aren't familiar with Soap models here, as we are a Heelys community.
[Fri 13:20] EmmaHeelz: That'll happen with resell value though. Easily. Supply/demand.
[Sun 0:17] Milkyb: that's exactly what's happening with soap shoes now
[Sun 0:18] Milkyb: I owe a man 100 for a pair of express that heelys came with after buying out soap
[Sun 0:19] Milkyb: and now we have to ban Doreen brook she's a bot looking to sell counterfeit designer clothes